Sunday, January 16, 2011

Updates for the new year: GPF is 8 years old!

1. Recently I got to visit some guinea pigs who were adopted from GPF: Anita's Belle, Misha, and Nick and Cathi's Rosie, Sasha, and Mimi. They are all doing great and both Nick and Belle, who each had special needs, are doing fantastic. Belle's photo is on the right.
2. Willie sometimes takes his job as pet sitter a bit too far. During cage cleaning he takes it upon himself to do a close-up insection of the cage. Suki is not always pleased.
3. Got a wonderful holiday card from Oscar and Pryn. They are doing so well and have no more skin problems. :)
4. Reggie also sent a holiday card; lots of fun. Check it out! It is not Photoshopped. The chickens and Pixie and Reggie are family pets.
5. Willie ended up at the vet overnight since I was worried that he might have a blockage. Fortuately, that was not the case and he is on a new diet and has a water fountain that filters his water.
6. Last weekend everyone visited the "Cavy Spa" for baths and nail trims and preventative doses of Ivermectin. I noticed that the two Peruvians who were living with the rabbit in a small cage each had a fungal patch hidden underneath their hair. I trimmed the hair and started treating them topically. The patch on Albert's rear is larger than the one on Sam's side. The photo here is of Albert when it was first discovered last weekend.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let the updates begin ...

When? I want to know. It's been ages. Hellllooo! Wheek!
[Lots of updates this time around; working down the list –
1. Everyone visited the Cavy Spa for baths, nail trims, and hair trims as needed.
2. Kylie's weight has returned to normal. Yeah!
3. The three males (who still have no names except for the young one who is now Tyler) were moved from their quarantine cage to the shelving unit. They stayed there a week and then their cage was expanded so that it is now 2' x 8'.
4. Bella shut down again; the third time in about two months. The vet does not know what is wrong (tests were run).
5. I modified a couple of sleeping cocoons so that they were tunnels, which is a favorite around here. A couple more tunnels/sleeping pads were created out of cat pads. Since I’m tired of folding fleece I decided to make some cage pads and small pads. Still lots more to make if I don’t use the fleece.
6. Willie got into mischief again. This time he jumped on top of the cloth that was over part of Bella's pen and he went right through it!
7. Charlie has been doing his best to keep up with Suki’s cross-county track exercises. He has even included her twists, circles, and figure eights. However, he has opted out of the high jump. He’ll let her have the roof of the house.
8. Capycoppy arrived and was greeted by Molly and Willie (cats). They were not too thrilled with his arrival and kept knocking him over. Undaunted, Capycoppy went to work to check out his Shadow. All systems are go for the next race.
9. Some of the guinea pigs have been using the new slipper bed and tunnel bed made by Pinoy PetCuddle Cup. They love them!
10. One of the two TSW Peruvian males who had been living with a rabbit has a possible UTI. He is receiving an antibiotic to see if that will eliminate the pink urine.
11. Kylie’s lookalike arrived this past week. She had been living with 15-pound rabbits and chickens in an outdoor aviary. Emma’s been gaining weight so the rabbits may have been eating her food or keeping her from it.
12. GuineaPigSqueakSqueak made a cute Christmas card from my Facebook avatar photo. Thank you. You do nice work!
13. I tried to bond Emma with Kylie today and that did not work out at all. (12th attempt at bonding Kylie; only one worked and she was still stressed so he was placed.) Next I tried Emma with Dolly and Kira and then Charlie. None of the parings worked out.]

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Laundry: $40

Hello! Why??? Make them wash their own laundry! Wheek! [The cost this week was $40 to wash the guinea pig laundry at the laundromat. A lady there asked if I was doing laundry for a rescue and I said yes so she gave me $5. Very nice, particularly since she had just lost lots of money in the machines because she forgot to put soap in them and had to wash them again. Thank you!]

UPDATE: Misha and Belle adopted!

It's official! They love it there! Yeah! [Both Belle and Misha are staying with Nick long term. Misha loves Nick and Bella seems to tolerate him. Their new set up measures 4' x 8' feet so that will give Misha plenty of space to practise running laps. More good news is that they will be staying in their home with a house sitter while their caretaker is away for a month on vacation.]

Suki is chewing Charlie's hair!

No more, Suki! You are not a hairdresser! Wheek! [Suki seems to think that it is her duty to keep Charlie's curly locks trimmed. However, no one else agrees with her.]